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Alternative Investment Advisory Firm in Delhi & Gurgaon, India

Alternative Investment Company in Delhi

    Today, the alternative investments market is experiencing increased attention, as many hedge funds and investors are seeking greater portfolio diversification and enhance their risk-adjusted performance in the long run. However, the rising demand for alternate investment has also brought new pressure on the fund managers to revise their investment strategies and operational models to achieve their financial goals.

    Aegeus Alternative Investment consultancy practice delivers extensive services to private equity, real estate, infrastructure investors and hedge funds. Providing alternative investment services to clients in all the major fund centers, our team of experts combine their global cross-border knowledge and depth of local experience to provide fund managers with the confidence and clarity to execute their investment strategies.

    Our experience and deep knowledge with non-traditional strategies and managers have helped us become a known name in the liquid alternatives investment market. At Aegeus, we are actively engaged in due diligence and alternative investment strategies for years.